Significant factors associated with GERD were education level, ec

Significant factors associated with GERD were education level, economic level, asthma status, and delayed gastric emptying. Studies with larger numbers of subjects needed to analysed factors which related with

GERD. Key Word(s): 1. GERD; 2. Prevalence; 3. Risk factor; 4. Socioepidemiological; Presenting Author: UDAYCHAND GHOSHAL Additional Authors: SUSHIL KUMAR, SAMIR MOHINDRA, RD MITTAL Corresponding Author: UDAYCHAND GHOSHAL Affiliations: SGPGIMS, Lucknow Objective: IL-8–251T/A and IL-10 (-1082G/A, -819C/T, -592C/A) polymorphisms may influence gastritis, selleck chemicals llc gastric atrophy, intestinal metaplasia (IM) and gastric cancer (GC) following H. pylori infection altering their expression. Methods: Genotyping of these genes was performed (ASO-PCR) in 180

each patients with GC and functional dyspepsia (FD) and 250 healthy subjects (HS). Serum IgG-antibody against H. pylori was tested in all subjects and IL-8 and IL-10 were measured in 60 subjects in each group using commercial ELISA. Results: IL-8 AA and IL-10–819 TT (-592 AA) genotypes were commoner among GC than HS (43/180 [23.9%] vs. 35/250 [14.0%]; OR 1.9 [1.09–3.3], p = 0.022 and 35/180 [19.4%] vs. KU-60019 30/250 [12.0%]; OR 2.03 [1.12–3.7], p = 0.02) but comparable with FD (35/180 [19.4%], p = 0.59 and 35/180 [19.4%], p = 0.68). IL-8 AA and Il-10 -819 T allele carriers were commoner in H. pylori-infected patients with GC than HS (28/101 [27.7%] vs. 22/168 [13.1%]; OR 2.8 [1.38–5.71], p = 0.004 and 18/101 [17.8%] vs. 21/168 [12.5%]; OR 1.7 [1.01–2.96], p = 0.046, respectively). IL-10–1082 G/A genotype and IL-10 haplotypes (ACC, GCC, ATA and GTA) were comparable in all groups. IL-8 level was higher among patients with GC and FD than HS (57.64 [6.44–319.46] vs. 54.35 [4.24–318.96] vs. 26.33 [4.67–304.54] pg/ml, and respectively; p = ns for GC vs. FD and p < 0.0001 for GC vs. HS). IL-10 level was lower in patients with GC

aminophylline than HS and among H. pylori-infected than non-infected subjects (3.79 [1.24–56.65] vs. 15.468 [1.01–27.86], p = 0.0001 and 8.34 [1.24–54.43] vs. 12.28 [0.96–64.87], p = 0.012 pg/ml). Conclusion: IL-8–251AA and IL-10 -819TT gene polymorphisms is associated with GC. These cytokines may play role in H. pylori-associated gastric carcinogenesis in India. Key Word(s): 1. H. pylori; 2. gastric cancer; 3. Gene polymorphism; 4. Functional dyspepsia; Presenting Author: JEONG BAE PARK Additional Authors: YONG KOOK LEE, KANG KIM, CHANG HEON YANG Corresponding Author: JEONG BAE PARK Affiliations: Dongguk University College of Medicine; Soksiwon Objective: NOTES is performed by endoscope entering through the peritoneal or thoracic cavity without conventional skin excision, so that it is expected to decrease complications from surgical operation and increase patient’s quality of life.

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