The entire process was repeated with the frozen stock serving as

The entire process was repeated with the frozen stock serving as the seed for the inoculum. Figure 5 Enrichment of pools with enhanced invasion into CT-26 cells. Glycerol stocks from the L. lactis banks (both pre and post enrichment passages-including controls: InlAWT and InlA m * expressing L. lactis) were incoulated into GM17 media. Nisin induced cultures were invaded into CT-26 monolayers. Invasion was expressed relative to L. lactis InlAWT (set as

100 percent). The graph is of the data from one experiment. Table 2 Supplementary information for Figure 6. Clone 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 (iii) Low T273I Q190L Q190L Q190L Q190L T229P G303E Q190L Q190L N386I Fold increase vs Wt 9.44 5.82 6.98 4.15 13.23 12.12 6.10 7.94 (iv) Medium T164A K301I G303E T399I L86F N143K P159A Q196L K218M V224A G303E Q306H Q190L L329Q S470C T164A K301I G303E N259Y T399I Q190L G248R F193Y K301E N413Y K507I T164A K301I G303E Fold increase vs Wt 3.25 9.31 7.79 6.85 8.14 6.57 4.05 10.08 (v) High L149M N259Y Q190L S223C N252Y I351T S173I G303E T446A D449H S173I T268I G303E T446A D449H Q190L S223C N252Y I351T N259Y N239D S311C N325D S173I L185F L188I Fold increase vs Wt 23.21 15.89 8.64 selleck chemicals llc 19.31 9.08 16.36 8.24 15.42 (vi) Very High

Q190L A270G K301G V123A Q190L P290Q N349D Q190L Q196K P290S L404S N413Y D457V N130I F150V L203F Y369F N381I S487N L294V S308R Y369S N381I S487N L122I S292T E330V I458V Q190L D199V S377N P444S K495N Fold increase vs Wt 4.14 9.33 6.96 8.71 9.56 7.12 7.51 9.33 Mutations identified in the BglII/BstXI fragment of pNZBinlA (iii-vi) and the invasion increase into CT-26 cells versus L. lactis

InlAWT. The amino acid mutations identified which involved in the interaction between InlAWT and hCDH1 are highlighted in bold. Details highlighted in bold and italics are mutations recombined in the chromosome of EGD-e. L. lactis Oxymatrine InlA site directed mutants with fold invasion increase into CT-26 cells vs L. lactis InlAWT in brackets: S192N (21), Y369 S (20), S192N+Y369 S (30). Below: Amino acids in InlAWT which interact with hCDH1 and amino acid changes identified from error prone PCR screen. R85, N104: D Q*, N107, F150: V, E170, E172: T*, Q190: L, S192, R211, D213, I235, T237, E255, N259: Y, K301: I E G, N321: Y, E323, N325: D, E326, Y343, T345, Y347, F348, R365, F367, Y369: F S, W387, S389. * N104 and E172 mutations were found from additional screens and sequencing. Figure 6 Invasion attributes of individual L. lactis clones post CT-26 enrichment (passage 6) into Caco-2 (grey bars) or CT-26 (white bars) cells. From each of the four banks, eight clones were picked and invaded with invasion expressed as the average (with standard deviation) from triplicate wells. Sequnce data of the clones is presented in Table 2. Letters above bars indicate sequences that were subsequently used to recreate into the L. monocytogenes chromosome.

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